Adventures  of  Petal  Flower

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About the Author - Kristie L. Foreman

I am happily married for 32 years. I married a son of a minister. This has given me the opportunity to do community service. My husband and I both worked at a facility for adolescent girls. They were placed there by the state juvenile department. I taught a class there. I found these troubled girls responded to love and attention, despite their tough exteriors. I volunteered for a program which brought inner city, single parents and their children to a summer respite camp. Most of these children came from negative home situations of drugs, divorce, poverty or lack of positive influence. My husband worked on a Times Square program where he fed the homeless. He also served as a driver to a minister who was counseling girls who lived and worked on the street. I took the opportunity to go along and witness how giving someone hope is beneficial and life changing. It has been rewarding and heart breaking during each of these programs.

I found it an absolute necessity to give my family a firm Christian foundation in their child development. A life ingrained with faith, hope and love as the basic fundamentals. I believe having Jesus as one's personal savior is crucial. I have four adult children. One graduated from a prominent University. Two are now in college. I have six grandchildren  I take every opportunity I find to guide them in their Christian beliefs. I hope to share stories of adventure with others, teaching the basic Christian life skills in an entertaining way through the life of my characters. I want to share the mystery of God's love. I want to empower children with the hope that I find so crucial to success.

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